GIORGIO RASTELLI was born in Milan in1940 and now lives and works in the Piacenza countryside. He attended various art schools including Brera Academy. His initial interest was in patterns, both formal and abstract, but he developed towards the use wood as a sculptural material. In 1978, he created the “Magic Garden” for the school district of Pantigliate, near Milan; and in 1979 he set up the “Rhinoceros”, a play-sculpture commissioned by the city authority of Reggio Emilia. In the Eighties Rastelli started applying paint to his sculptures, in a desire to accentuate the movement. In 1992, he designed a mosaic of the bottom of the pool in the courtyard of “Villa Albera”, a 17th century building in Crema. In 1997 he designed a sequential installation called “Women in the Sky”, for the Geo Camponovo Collection in Chiasso. 

In 1999, he used polychrome bronze for the first time for the fountain-sculpture in a town square at Follonica. In 2001 he created his largest sculpture to date, entitled “the Whale” for the Natural History Museum at Castell’Arquato. His works are exhibited in Tokyo at the Seibu Foundation, in Hannover at the Photography Museum, at the Town Museum of Crema and at the Castle Museum in Zavattarello