From “The movement of the Rastelli whale”

….Rastelli is an artist hinged to our time.

By means of an old material like wood, he develops well-proportioned shapes, drawing their archetype meaning from natural elements. As a matter of fact, Rastelli has always been attracted by natural forms, like the the flexuous cheetah or the swift dolphin. But, above all, the female figure is what intrigues him most. The woman is the symbol of beauty, grace, of the mystery of her reproductive role. Then, she becomes the essence of life through a chaste nude body or a candidly appealing gesture concealed behind a soft drapery, letting appear her sensual silhouette…….

…..She becomes, so to speak, like a film director of these art compositions where it is stressed the idea of work by the “homo faber” and the dynamism

related to earth energies.

Carlo Francou