From “Movement and Joy”

“…….The sculptor referred to is Giorgio Rastelli, faithful interpreter for many years of a coherent poetic world, although with many variables and significant adjustments to the aesthetic thought sustainig his work. Rastelli the artist as well as the man keeps investigating in a restless confrontation with events happening elsewhere; he takes up controversial matters affecting his life, as the relation art-society, or the role at institutions, or the meaning at art work in the modern post-industrial society, or to say more, up to this time already

post-modern, and at present, perhaps, post-something else. In this debate, Rastelli puts his intelligence and passion, which he squanders with instinctive generosity, along with the love for justice and truth……

….. Rastelli’s works in fact are rigorous, with no flourishes, with a tension to perfection. In the whole, they come along as an array moving before our eyes, leaving us enchanted and trapped into such figures so neatly shaped and so harmoniously and vigorously sculptured.

These are human figures, almost all of the female kind, and animals (mostly the fierce ones that invade our imaginary world in childhood -like tigers, lions and the agile gazelles – caught in a fraction of their quick movement……Rastelli’s aim is not to explain, he does not want to bestow upon the art a mission which pertains perhaps more to philosophy and religion. He is satisfied with his offer of love for life, a secret energy that enlivens and transforms all, for us earthy creatures, who need to he nourished with ideals more than anything, in order to grow.

Stefano Fugazza storico d’arte